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Panorama 360 provides the Insurance and Wealth Management industry with knowledge, structure and approaches to plan, design, develop and manage organizations, processes and technology. It act as as catalyst and accelerator to any business and technology projects. More than 1,000 insurance companies globally have used parts or all of Panorama 360. You can also take advantage of this extensive knowledge base.
Using Panorama 360 provides immediate insight on the insurance industry. It is aimed at reducing project costs, increasing speed and improving quality to projects and organizations.
"Panorama 360 is a reference framework that has been integrated at La Capitale General Insurance and its subsidiaries for over 8 years, both in our projects, architectural approaches and various analyses.
Whether it is used to organize and analyze business processes, prepare projects, perform requirements modeling or for our ROI activities, this reference framework provides a reliable source of information. When accessing the 75 major insurance business functions, which are skillfully identified and concisely described, we obtain a clear scope definition of the targeted business domains, highlighting the context and therefore facilitating decisions. The richness found in Panorama 360 is based on the fact that the 500 documented business functions are focused on the insurance industry.
Now integrated into our business activities, the Panorama 360 insurance reference framework ensures greater velocity and more particularly in validating that all business areas and services in our companies are addressed. Used in concert with our official project management, architecture and business analysis methodologies, Panorama 360 ensures consistency in our practices, offering a value proposition centered on business."
Constance Lemieux, C.Dir., President and Chief Operating Officer Property and Casualty Insurance Sector of La Capitale
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Acquire a license to Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management:
  • Enterprise Business Architecture Framework
  • Business Process Models
  • Enterprise Information Model
  • Merger and Acquisition Methodology
  • Target Market and Product Development Methodology
  • Project Delivery Maturity Assessment Methodology

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