Panorama 360
"Panorama 360 has given us a jumpstart for capacity based planning, the next level in our architecture modeling ambition and the management of the strategic changes and project portfolio."
Kees Tuijnman, Enterprise Architect at Vivat Verzekeringen
"Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management creates a common language and information structure for organizations to capture and communicate their business process architecture. This comprehensive framework acts as catalyst and accelerator for visualizing, innovating, transforming and/or improving how things get done within an organization."
Denis Gagné, Chair of OMG’s BPMN MIWG and CEO & CTO Trisotech
"Panorama 360 represents a comprehensive and easy to use reference architecture model for the insurance and wealth management industry. From new product introduction to process re-engineering, these end-to-end models can be used to accelerate change often required to survive in a highly competitive environment."
Paul Dolbec, Retired Senior Director, Oracle Insurance Business Unit
Here is a list of insurance organizations, wealth management companies, banks, consulting firms, tool vendors and technology providers who have used parts or all of Panorama 360:
Insurance and Wealth Management
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (Services) Ltd. (UAE) Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (UAE)
ACE (UK) ACE Agriculture
ACE Asia Pacific ACE Bermuda
ACE Commercial Risks Services ACE European Group
ACE Far East ACE Global Markets
ACE Latin America ACE Life (USA)
ACE Private Risk Services ACE Tempest Re Bermuda
ACE Tempest Re International ACE Tempest Re USA
ACE USA ACE Westchester
ACIG (Bahrain and Saudi Arabia) Addenda Capital Inc. (Canada)
Advisor Group (USA) Aegon Canada ULC (Canada)
Aegon Capital Management Inc. (Canada) Aegon Fund Management Inc. (Canada)
Aegon Life Insurance Company SA (Poland) Aegon PTE SA (Poland)
Aegon Services Sp. Ltd (Poland) Aegon the Property Insurance (Poland)
Affiliated Insurance Management Ltd. (Canada) AGA Financial Group (Canada)
Ageas 50 Limited (UK) Ageas Insurance Limited (UK)
AGLA (USA) Agri Prevoyance (France)
Agrica Retraite (France) AIA Company Limited (Australia)
AIA Company Limited (Brunei) AIA Company Limited (China)
AIA Company Limited (Hong Kong) AIA Company Limited (Indonesia)
AIA Company Limited (Korea) AIA Company Limited (Malaysia)
AIA Company Limited (New Zealand) AIA Company Limited (Singapore)
AIA Company Limited (Sri Lanka) AIA Company Limited (Taiwan)
AIA Company Limited (Thailand) AIA Company Limited (Vietnam)
AIA Group Limited AIG (USA)
AIG Benefit Solutions (USA) AIG Direct (USA)
AIG Fuji Life Insurance Company (Japan) AIG Japan Holdings (Japan)
AIG Life and Retirement (USA) AIU Insurance Company (Japan)
AIU Insurance Company (USA) AIW Dealer Services Pty Ltd (Australia)
AIX Specialty Insurance Company (USA) Alfa Alliance Insurance Corp. (USA)
Alfa Mutual Insurance Company (USA) Alfa Vision Insurance Corp. (USA)
Aljazira Takaful Ta’wuni Company (Middle East) Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Australia)
Allianz Benelux s.a./n.v.(Belgium) Allianz Cornhill (India)
Allianz Insurance PLC (United Kingdon) Allianz SE (Germany)
Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (Saudi Arabia) Allied Insurance (USA)
Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company (USA) Allmerica Financial Benefit Insurance Company (USA)
Allstate (Canada) American Agriculturist Services, Inc. (USA)
American Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Company (USA) American General Lfe Company (USA)
American Home Ansurance Company (USA) American Home Assurance Company (Japan)
American International Group Inc. (USA) American Select Insurance Company (USA)
AMI (New Zealand) AMP Capita (Australia)
AMP Financial Services (Australia) AMP Financial Services (New Zealand)
AMP Limited (Australia) Amplico Investment Fund TFI SA (Poland)
Amplico Life SA (Poland) Artisan and Truckers Casualty Company (USA)
AS Gjensidige Baltic (Latvia) ASB (New Zealand)
Assa Compania de Seguros S.A. (Panama) ASSA company insurance Vida , S. A. (El Salvador)
ASSA company Seguros , SA (El Salvador) Assigned Settlement, Inc. (USA)
Assurant Inc. (USA) Astute Dee Why (Australia)
Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd (Australia) Astute Maroochydore (Australia)
Asuris Northwest Health (USA) Asuris Northwest Health (USA)
Australian Mature (Australia) Australian Wealth Management (Australia)
Australian Wealth Protection (Australia) Auto Direct (UK)
Avanex (Switzerland) Aviva General Insurance UK (UK)
Aviva Health Insurance UK (UK) Aviva Life and Pension UK (UK)
Aviva Savings and Investments UK (UK) AXA Group Solutions (Belgium)
AXA Group Solutions (France) AXA Group Solutions (Germany)
AXA Group Solutions (India) AXA Group Solutions (Japan)
AXA Group Solutions (Mexico) AXA Group Solutions (Portugal)
AXA Group Solutions (Spain) AXA Group Solutions (Switzerland)
AXA Group Solutions (UK) AXA Polska (Poland)
Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg SA (Luxembourg) Bâloise Vie Luxembourg SA (Luxembourg)
BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. (USA) BB&T Investment Services Inc. (USA)
Berkshire Insurance Services Inc. (Canada) BF&M General Insurance Company Limited (Caribbean)
BF&M Insurance Group (Canada) BF&M Life Insurance Company Limited (Caribbean)
BF&M Limited (Caribbean) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (USA)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (USA) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (USA)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (USA) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma (USA)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (USA) BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota (USA)
BMO Nesbitt Burns (Canada) BNP Paribas Cardif (Asia)
BNP Paribas Cardif (France) BNP Paribas Cardif (Latin America)
BNZ Life Insurance Limited in New Zealand (New Zealand) BoCommLife (China)
BridgeSpan Health (USA) BridgeSpan Health (USA)
Brierfield Insurance Company (USA) Brookfield Life and Annuity Insurance Company Limited (Bermuda)
Brookfield Life Assurance Company Limited (Bermuda) BUPA (Australia)
BUPA (China) BUPA (Hong Kong)
BUPA (India) BUPA (Latin America)
BUPA (New Zealand) BUPA (Saudi Arabia)
BUPA (Spain) BUPA (Thailand)
BUPA (United Kingdom) BUPA International (Global)
Camarca (France) Cambia Health Solutions (insurance products only)
Campmed Casualty & Indemnity Company, Inc. of Maryland (USA) Canada Life (Canada)
Canadian Premier Life (Canada) Capital Brokerage Corporation (USA)
Castle Cover (UK) CCPMA Prevoyance (France)
Centre Financier Desjardins (Canada) Centre national de courtage d'assurance Inc. (Canada)
Ceská pojištovna a.s.(Czech Republic) Ceská pojištovna ZDRAVÍ a. s. (Czeck Republic)
CFI Administrators Limited (Ireland) CFI Pensions Trustees Limited (UK)
Chartis Casualty Company Chartis Insurance Company (Puerto Rico)
Chartis Property Casualty Company(USA) Chartis Propery Casualty Company (USA)
Chaucer Holdings PLC (USA) Cigna UK (UK)
CIMB-Principal Asset Management (Global) Citizens Insurance Company of America (USA)
Citizens Insurance Company of Illinois (USA) Citizens Insurance Company of Ohio (USA)
Citizens Insurance Company of the Midwest (USA) Citizens Property Insurance (USA)
Clarington Investments (Canada) Colfondos (Columbia)
Colonial First State (Australia) Colonial First State Global Asset Management (Asia)
Columbus Circle Investors (Global) Columbus Life Insurance Company (USA)
Commerce and Industry Insurance Company (USA) CommInsure (Australia)
Commonwealth Life (Indonesia) CommSec (Australia)
Conseco Insurance Company (Canada) Consolidated Insurance Group Limited (UK)
Constitution State Services (USA) Co-operators Financial Services Limited (Canada)
Co-operators General Insurance Company (Canada) Co-operators Life Insurance Company (Canada)
Coral Insurance Services (UK) CoverDirect (UK)
CP INVEST, investicni spolecnost, a. s. (Czeck Republic) CPCEA (France)
Credential Financial Inc. (Canada) CUMIS General Insurance Company (Canada)
CUMIS Group Limited (Canada) CUMIS Life Insurance Company (Canada)
CuprumAFP (Global) Dale Parizeau Morris Mackenzie (Canada & USA)
Dearborn National (USA) Delta Generali Osiguranje (Serbia)
Delta Generali Osiguranje Podgorica (Montenegro) Dental Network of America (USA)
Desjardins Financial Services (Canada) Desjardins General Insurance (Canada)
Discover Re (USA) DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Limited (India)
Domestic & General Insurance PLC (UK) Domestic & General Services Limited (UK)
DoneDeal Insurance (UK) Drive New Jersey Insurance Company (USA)
Eaglestone Reinsurance Company (USA) Economical Insurance (Canada)
Edge Asset Management, Inc. (Global) EIS Services (Bermuda) Limited (Bermuda)
Empire Life Investments Inc. (Canada) Euler Hermes (Global)
European Group Financing Company Limited (Cayman Islands) Excellence Life Insurance Company (Canada)
Express Insurance (UK) F.I.G. Ireland Limited (Ireland)
FCCI Advantage Insurance Company (USA) FCCI Agency, Inc. (USA)
FCCI Commercial Insurance Company (USA) FCCI Group Inc. (USA)
FCCI Insurance Company (USA) FCCI Insurance Group, Inc. (USA)
FCCI Mutual Insurance Holding Company (USA) FCCI Services, Inc. (USA)
FCCI Tax Credit, LLC (USA) FDM Insurance
Federated Agencies Limited (Canada) Financial Assurance Company Limited (UK)
Financial Insurance Company Limited (UK) Financial Insurance Group Services Limited (UK)
Financial Insurance Guernsey PCC Limited (Gernsey) Finisterre Capital LLP (Global)
Fionia Asset Company A/S (Europe) First Floridian Auto and Home Insurance Co. (USA)
First Mortgage Insurance Company (USA) First North American Insurance Company (USA)
First Trenton Indemnity Co. (USA) FNA Financial Inc. (USA)
Folksam (Sweden) Folksam Fondförsäkring (Sweden)
Folksam Liv (Sweden) Folksam LO Pension (Sweden)
Folksam SAK (Sweden) Folksam Skadeförsäkring (Sweden)
Förenade Liv (Sweden) Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. (USA)
Founders Insurance Company (USA) FundEx Investments Inc. (Canada)
FundEX Investments Inc. (Canada) Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company (USA)
Genbel Securities Limited (Africa) Generala – Societate Romana de Asigurari Generale (Romania)
Generali Car Care s.r.o.(Czech Republic) Generali Insurance AD (Bulgaria)
Generali Insurance Company Inc. (Czech Republic) Generali Life Insurance AD (Bugaria)
Generali osiguranje (Croatia) Generali penzijní fond a.s.(Czech Republic)
Generali Poistovna, a.s. (Slovakia) Generali Pojištovna (Czech Republic)
Generali PPF Holding (Central/Eastern Europe) Generali Romania Asigurare Reasigurare (Romania)
Generali Servis s.r.o.(Czech Republic) Generali T.U. S.A. (Poland)
Generali Velký Špalícek s.r.o.(Czech Republic) Generali Zakrila Medical and Dental Centre (Bulgaria)
Generali Zavarovalnica d.d. (Slovania) Generali Zycie T.U. S.A (Poland)
Generali-Providencia Biztosito (Hungary) Genworth Brazil—Serviços de Apoio á Atividade Segaudoca e Resseguardora Ltda. (Brazil)
Genworth Canada Holdings I Limited (Canada) Genworth Canada Holdings II Limited (Canada)
Genworth Center for Financial Learning, LLC (USA) Genworth Consulting Services (Beijing) Limited (China)
Genworth European Group Financing Holdings Company (USA) Genworth Financial Agency, Inc. (USA)
Genworth Financial Asia Limited (Hong Kong) Genworth Financial Asset Warehouse, LLC (USA)
Genworth Financial Assurance Corporation (USA) Genworth Financial Australia Holdings, LLC (USA)
Genworth Financial Commercial Mortgage Warehouse LLC (USA) Genworth Financial European Group Holdings Limited (UK)
Genworth Financial Group Retirement, Inc. (USA) Genworth Financial India Private Limited (India)
Genworth Financial International Holdings, Inc. (USA) Genworth Financial Investment Management, LLC (USA)
Genworth Financial Mauritius Holdings Limited (Mauritius) Genworth Financial Mortgage Funding Corporation (USA)
Genworth Financial Mortgage Indemnity Limited (Australia) Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Company Canada (Canada)
Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Finance Holdings Pty Ltd (Australia) Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Finance Pty Ltd (Australia)
Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd (Australia) Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Limited (UK)
Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Pty Limited (Australia) Genworth Financial Mortgage Services Limited (UK)
Genworth Financial New Holdings Pty Ltd (Australia) Genworth Financial Participaçoes Ltda. (Brazil)
Genworth Financial Services Pty Limited (Australia) Genworth Financial Services, Inc. (USA)
Genworth Financial UK Finance Limited (UK) Genworth Financial UK Holdings Limited (UK)
Genworth Finansal Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi (Turkey) Genworth Finansal Sigorta Aracilik Hizmetleri Anonim Sirketi(3)
Genworth General Services Asia Limited (Hong Kong) Genworth Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Genworth Home Equity Insurance Corporation (USA) Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company (USA)
Genworth Life Insurance Company (dba GLIC in New York) (USA) Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York (USA)
Genworth MI Canada Inc. (Canada) Genworth Mortgage Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Genworth Mortgage Holdings, LLC (USA) Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Limited (Australia)
Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation (USA) Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina (USA)
Genworth Mortgage Reinsurance Corporation (USA) Genworth Mortgage Services, LLC (USA)
Genworth North America Corporation (USA) Genworth Operaciones Colombia S.A.S. (USA)
Genworth Operaciones S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico) Genworth Residential Mortgage Assurance Corporation (USA)
Genworth Residential Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina (USA) Genworth Seguros Daños, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Genworth Seguros de Credito a la Vivienda, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) Genworth Seguros Vida, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Genworth Servicios, S. de R. L. de C. V. (Mexico) Genworth Special Purpose Five, LLC (USA)
Genworth Special Purpose One, LLC (USA) Genworth Special Purpose Three, LLC (USA)
Genworth Special Purpose Two, LLC (USA) GFCM LLC (USA)
Gibraltar Life Insurance Company, Ltd. (Global) Gjensidige Forsikring ASA (Denmark)
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA (Sweden) Gjensidige Investerings-rådgivning AS (Norway)
Gjensidige Pensions-forsikring AS (Norway) GLIC Real Estate Holding, LLC (USA)
GLICNY Real Estate Holding, LLC (USA) GNW SF Corp. (USA)
GNWLAAC Real Estate Holding, LLC (USA) GoldPoint Partners LLC (USA)
Goupa PZU (Poland) Goupo Assa (Panama)
Goupo BDF (Panama) GP Reinsurance EAD (Bulgaria)
Granite State Insurance Company (USA) Great West Life Assurance (Canada)
Groupe Agrica (France) Günes Sigorta A.S. (Turkey)
Hahn Investments Stewards (Canada) Hallmark Sevices Corporation (USA)
Handel Och Industri (Global) Handelsbanken Asset Management (Global)
Handelsbanken Fonder (Global) Handelsbanken Liv (Europe)
Handelsbanken Finans (Global) Harleysville Insurance (USA)
HB Group Insurance Insurance Management Ltd. (Canada) HCSC Insurance Services Company (USA)
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company (India) Health Care Service Corporation (USA)
Heartland Crop Insurance (USA) Helsana (Switzerland)
HGI Annuity Service Corporation (USA) IA American (USA)
IA American (USA) IAG (New Zealand)
ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. (India) IF Group AB (Sweden)
IF P&C Insurance Company (Sweden) IFFCO Farmers Fertilizer Coop Ltd. (India)
IFFCO Tokio Insurance Services Ltd. (India) IFS Financial Services, Inc. (USA)
Illinois National Insurance Company (USA) Index Funding Services, LLC. (USA)
Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO) (India) Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services (Canada)
Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc. (Canada) Industrial Alliance P&C (Canada)
Industrial Alliance Trust Inc. (Canada) Industrial Alliances Securities Inc. (Canada)
Industrielle Alliance Assurances et services financiers inc. (Canada) Industrielle Alliance Auto et habitation Inc. (Canada)
Industrielle Alliance Fiducie Inc. (Canada) Industrielle Alliance Gestion de placements Inc. (Canada)
Industrielle Alliance Valeurs mobilière Inc. (Canada) Inservco Insurance Services Inc. (USA)
Institutional Capital LLC (USA) Insurance Bauta
Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (Caribbean) Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (Canada)
Insurecheer Limited (UK) Intact (formerly ING) (Canada)
Integrity Life Insurance Company (USA) International Financial Services Asia (Asia)
Invernic (Nicaragua) Investia Financial Services Inc. (Canada)
Investia Services financiers (Canada) Investment Planning Counsel (Canada)
Investors Group (Canada) IPAS Nordea Pensions Latvia
Island Heritage Holdings Ltd. (Caribbean) Jamestown Life Insurance Company (USA)
JH Investments (Delaware) LLC (USA) JI Accident & Fire Insurance Co. (Japan)
John Hancock Advisers, LLC (USA) John Hancock Distributors, LLC (USA)
John Hancock Financial Corporation (USA) John Hancock Financial Network (USA)
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc (USA) John Hancock Funds LLC (USA)
John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc. (USA) John Hancock Investment Management Services, LLC (USA)
John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company (USA) John Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA)
John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York (USA) John Hancock Reassurance Company Ltd.(USA)
John Hancock Subsidiaries LLC (USA) John Wesley Bank Limited (UK)
Johnson Inc. (Canada) JovFinancial Solutions (Canada)
Key Business Finance Corporation Limited (UK) Key Business Finance Limited (UK)
KPA Livförsäkring (Sweden) KPA Pension (Sweden)
KPA Pensionsförsäkring (Sweden) KPA Pensionsservice (Sweden)
Kwik Fit Financial Services (UK) La Capitale Civil Services Insurer (Canada)
La Capitale Financial Services (Canada) La Capitale General Insurance (Canada)
La Hipotecaria (Panama) Lærerstandens Fire insurance
Lendmark Financial Services (USA) Leon Fraser and Associates (Canada)
L'Excellence, Compagnie d'assance sur la vie (Canada) Lexington Insurance Company (USA)
Liberty Videocon General Insurance (India) LifeMap Assurance Company (USA)
Livförsäkring Sverige AB (publ) (Northern Europe) Lombard Insurance Company Limited (South Africa)
Lombard Trade Finance (South Africa) London Life (Canada)
L'Unique General Insurance (Canada) Mackenzie Investments (Canada)
Macro Currency Group (Global) Madison Square Investors LLC (USA)
Manufacturers Life Reinsurance Limited (Global) Manufacturers P&C Limited (Global)
Manulife Asset Management Limited (Global) Manulife Financial Corporation (Global)
Manulife Financial Group (Global) Manulife Life Insurance Company (Global)
Manulife Reinsurance Limited (Global) Manulife Securities Incorporated (Global)
Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. (Global) Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company (USA)
Max Life insurance Co. Ltd. (India) (Switzerland)
Mayflower Assignment Corporation (USA) MCF (USA)
Medecisions Inc. (USA) Medical Sickness Annuity and Life Assurance Society Limited (UK)
Medical Sickness Financial Planning Limited (UK) Medical Sickness Limited (UK)
Medical Sickness Society Limited (UK) MetLife (Poland)
Metlife, Inc. (USA) MGI Securities (Canada)
MIC Holdings E Company (Canada) Michel Rheaume Associes (Canada)
Michel Rheaume et associés (Canada) MiWay Insurance Limited (South Africa)
MLC Holdings Limited (Australia) MLC Investments Limited (Australia)
MLC Lifetime Company Limited (Australia) MLC Limited (Australia)
MLC Nominees Pty Ltd (Australia) Momentum (South Africa)
Monroe Guaranty Insurance Company (USA) Morley Financial Services Inc. (Global)
Mountain Laurel Assurance Company (USA) Mouvement Desjardins (Canada)
MPTE PZY SA (Poland) National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc. (Canada)
National Bank Financial Markets (Canada) National Bank Financial Wealth Management (Canada)
National Bank General Insurance (Canada) National Bank Insurance Firm (Canada)
National Bank Life Insurance (Canada) National Bank Private Wealth 1859 (Canada)
National Bank Securities (Canada) National Continental Insurance Company (USA)
National Eldercare Referral Systems, LLC (USA) National Financial Insurance Agency Inc (Canada)
National Integrity Life Insurance Company (USA) National Takaful Company PJSC (United Arab Emirates)
National Trust Insurance Company (USA) National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, PA (USA)
Nationwide Agribusiness (USA) Nationwide Financial (USA)
Nationwide Insurance (USA) Nationwide Investment Services Corporation (USA)
New Hampshire Insurance Company (USA) New York Life (USA)
New York Life (USA) New York Life Enterprises (Mexico and Taiwan)
New York Life Enterprises, LLC (Mexico and Taiwan) New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (USA)
New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (USA) New York Life Insurance Company (USA)
New York Life Trust Company (USA) Newco Properties, Inc. (USA)
Nordea Finance Finland Ltd Nordea Group (Europe)
Nordea Life & Pension S.A. (Northern Europe) Nordea Life Holding AB (Northern Europe)
Nordea Liv & Pension livsforsikringsselskab A/S Nordea Liv Holding Norge S.A. (Norway)
Nordea Pensions Estonia AS Nordea Polska Towaszystwo Ubezpieczen na Zycie S.A.
Nordea Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne S.A. Northland Insurance (USA)
Nova Casualty Company (USA) NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Limited (Singapore)
Nykredit Forsikring A/S (Denmark) NYL Investment Management Holdings LLC (USA)
NYL Investment Management Holdings LLC (USA) NYLIFE Insurance Company of Arizona (USA)
NYLIFE Insurance Company of Arizona (USA) NYLIFE LLC (USA)
NZI (New Zealand) Ohio Farmers Insurance Company (USA)
Old Guard Insurance Company (USA) Omaha Woodmen Life Insurance Society USA)
OMERS (Canada) Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (Canada)
Optimum Farm Insurance (Canada) Optimum General Insurance (Canada)
Optimum Life (Canada) Optimum Re Insurance (Canada)
Optimum Re. Inc. (Canada) Optimum West Insurance (Canada)
Opus Investment Management, Inc. (USA) Origin Asset Management (Global)
OTIP (Canada) Pencorp Life Insurance (Canada)
Penn National Holding Corporation (USA) Penn National Realty Trust (USA)
Penn National Security Insurance Company (USA) Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company (USA)
Penzijni spolecnost Ceske pojištovny a.s. (Czeck Republic) Peppertree Partners LLC (USA)
Pincor Financial Services Corporation (Global) PMI Mortgage Insurance Company Canada (Canada)
Post Advisory Group, LLC (Global) Practice Plan Holdings Limited (UK)
Pramerica Zycie TUiR SA Principal Financial Group (Global)
Principal Financial Services, Inc. (Global) Principal Global Investors (Global)
Principal Global Investors (Global) Principal National Life Insurance Company (Global)
Principal Real Estate Investors (Global) Professionals Direct Insurance Company (USA)
Progres (Switzerland) Progressive (USA)
Progressive Advanced Insurance Company (USA) Progressive American Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Bayside Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Choice Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Classic Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Direct Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Express Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Freedom Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Garden State Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Gulf Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Halcyon Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Hawaii Insurance Corp. (USA)
Progressive Marathon Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Max Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Michigan Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Mountain Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Northeastern Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Northern Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Paloverde Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Preferred Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Security Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Select Insurance Company (USA) Progressive Southeastern Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (USA) Progressive Specialty Insurance Company (USA)
Progressive Universal Insurance Company (USA) Progressive West Insurance Company (USA)
Proteq Dier & Zorg (Netherlands) Proteq Levensverzekeringen (Netherlands)
Pruco Life Insurance Company (USA) Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey (USA)
Pruco Securities, LLC (USA) Prudential Annuities Distributors, Inc. (USA)
Prudential Annuities Life Assurance Company (USA) Prudential Financial, Inc.(Global)
Prudential Investment Management Services, LLC (USA) Prudential of Japan (Japan)
Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (USA) PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (Asia)
PTE PZU SA (Poland) PZU Help SA (Poland)
PZU Life SA (Poland) PZU SA (Poland)
REAAL (Netherlands) REAAL Schadeverzekeringen (Netherlands)
Regence (USA) Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon (USA)
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon (USA) Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah (USA)
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah (USA) Regence BlueShield (selected counties in Washington) (USA)
Regence BlueShield (Washington) (USA) Regence BlueShield of Idaho (USA)
Regence BlueShield of Idaho (USA) Regence Group Administrators (USA)
Reliance Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Reliance Asset Reconstruction
Reliance Capital Asset Management (UK) Plc Reliance Capital Ltd. (India)
Reliance Commercial Finance (India) Reliance Equity Advisors (India)
Reliance General Insurance (India) Reliance Group (India)
Reliance Life Insurance (India) Reliance Money (India)
Retirement Amplico PTE SA (Poland) RIAS (UK)
River Lake Insurance Company (USA) River Lake Insurance Company II (USA)
River Lake Insurance Company IV Limited (Bermuda) River Lake Insurance Company IX (USA)
River Lake Insurance Company VI (USA) River Lake Insurance Company VII (USA)
River Lake Insurance Company VIII (USA) River Lake Insurance Company X (USA)
Rivermont Life Insurance Company I (USA) RM B.V. (Netherlands)
Route Mobiel (Netherlands) Runa Insurance
Rural Community Insurance Company (USA) SalusAnsvar (Sweden)
Sanlam Independent Financial Services (Pty) Limited (Africa) Sanlam Investment Holdings Limited (Africa)
Sanlam Investment Management (Pty) Limited (Africa) Sanlam Investments (Pty) Limited (Africa)
Sanlam Life Insurance Limited (Africa) Sanlam Netherlands Holding BV (Europe)
Sanlam Share Incentive Trust (Africa) Sanlam Spec (Pty) Limited (Africa)
Sanpref (Pty) Limited (Africa) Sansan (Switzerland)
SBI General Insurance (India) SBI Life Insurance (India)
SBI Mutual Funds (India) Scottsdale Insurance (USA)
SELECTCARE Worldwide Corp. (Canada) Shamrock Mortgages Pty Ltd (Australia)
Sheffield Financial (USA) SNS Asset Management (Netherlands)
SNS Beleggingsfondsen Beheer (Netherlands) SNS REAAL Invest (Netherlands)
SNS Securities (Netherlands) SNS Verzekeringen (Netherlands)
Solicour Financial Services (Canada) Solicour Inc. (Canada)
Sovereign Assurance Company Limited (New Zealand) Sovereign Insurance (NewZealand)
Spectrum Asset Management, Inc. (Global) SRLEV (Netherlands)
SSQ Financial Group (Canada) SSQ General Insurance Inc. (Canada)
SSQ Life Insurance Company Inc. (Canada) St Andrew's Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd (Australia)
St Andrew's Life Insurance Pty Ltd (Australia) StanCorp Equities, Inc.
StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. StanCorp Investment Advisers, Inc.
StanCorp Mortgage Investors, LLC. StanCorp Trust Company
Standard Insurance Company, Inc. Standard Life (Canada)
Standard Life Assurance Company Bermuda Limited (Caribbeans) Standard Life Financial Inc. (Canada)
Standard Life Investments Inc. (Canada) Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd. (Canada)
Standard Retirement Services, Inc. State Insurance (New Zealand)
SunAMerican Asset Management (USA) SunAmerican Retirement Markets (USA)
Svenska Konsumentförsäkringar (Sweden) Svenska Lärarfonder (Sweden)
Syndicate 1084 (USA) Syndicate 1176 (USA)
T.E. Wealth Management (Canada) Tesco Underwriting Limited (UK)
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (USA) TFI PZU SA (Poland)
The Berkeley Financial Group, LLC (Canada) The Co-operators Group Limited (Canada)
The Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Company (Japan) The Green Insurance Company (UK)
The Hanover American Insurance Company (USA) The Hanover Insurance Company (USA)
The Hanover Insurance Group (USA) The Hanover New Jersey Insurance Company (USA)
The Helsana Group (Switzerland) The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania (USA)
The Lafayette Life Insurance Company (USA) The Manufacturers Investment Corporation (Global)
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Global) The Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts (USA)
The Principal (Global) The Prudential Insurance Company of America (USA)
The Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (Japan) The Regence Group (USA)
The Sovereign General Insurance Company (Canada) The Standard
The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada (Canada) The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York, Inc.
The Travelers Companies, Inc. (USA) The Travelers Indemnity Company (USA)
The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company (USA) TIAA Direct® (USA)
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd. (Canada) Titan Insurance (USA)
Touchstone Advisors, Inc. (USA) Touchstone Securities, Inc. (USA)
TOWER Capital Limited (New Zealand) Tower Group (New Zealand)
Tower Limited (New Zealand) Towergate Insurance (UK)
Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd. (UK) Transamerica Life Canada (Canada)
Transport Authority Commission (TAC) (Australia) Travel Guard (USA)
Travelers C&S Co. of America (USA) Travelers C&S Co. of Europe, Ltd. (Europe)
Travelers Casualty and Surety Co. of America (USA) Travelers Europe (Europe)
Travelers Insurance Company Limited (USA) Travelers Insurance Company of Canada (Canada)
Travelers Life and Annuity (USA) Travelers of Florida (USA)
Travelers of Massachusetts (USA) Travelers Property Casualty Corp. (USA)
Tre Kronor (Sweden) Unica Insurance Inc. (Canada)
Unified Insurance Brokers Limited (Canada) United Financial Casualty Company (USA)
United Guaranty Commercial Insurance Company of North Carolina (USA) United Guaranty Credit Insurance Company (USA)
United Guaranty Insurance Company (USA) United Guaranty Mortgage Indemnity Company (USA)
United Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company (USA) United Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company of North Carolina (USA)
United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company (USA) United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company of North Carolina (USA)
United Services Automobile Association (USA) USAA (USA)
USAA Casualty Insurance Company (USA) USAA County Mutual Insurance Company (USA)
USAA Direct Life Insurance Company (USA) USAA Financial Advisors, Inc. (USA)
USAA Financial Planning Services Insurance Agency, Inc. (USA) USAA General Indemnity Company (USA)
USAA Investment Management Company (USA) USAA Investment Management Company (USA)
USAA Life General Agency, Inc. (USA) USAA Life Insurance Company (USA)
USAA Life Insurance Company of New York (USA) USAA Limited (Europe, Korea)
USAA Texas Lloyd's Company (USA) Vakif Emeklilik A.S. (Turkey)
VALIC (USA) Verlan Fire Insurance Company (USA)
Vietinbank Aviva Life Insurance Ltd (Vietnam) W&S Brokerage Services, Inc. (USA)
W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc. (USA) Watania (United Arab Emirates)
Wawanesa General (Canada) Wawanesa Life (Canada)
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (Canada) Wells Fargo & Company (Global)
Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (Global) Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (Global)
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. (USA) Wells Fargo Insurance, Inc. (Global)
Wesleyan Administration Services Limited (UK) Wesleyan Assurance Society (UK)
Wesleyan Financial Services Limited (UK) Wesleyan Key Business Finance Limited (UK)
Wesleyan SIPP Trustees Limited (UK) Wesleyan Staff Pension Trustees Limited (UK)
Wesleyan Trustees Limited (UK) Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers Limited (UK)
Western & Southern (USA) Western & Southern Financial Group (USA)
Western National (USA) Western-Southern Life Assurance Company (USA)
Westfield Insurance Company (USA) Westfield National Insurance Company (USA)
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society USA) Zelf (Netherlands)
Zenith Insurance Company (USA) ZNAT Insurance Company (USA)
Zurich (Australia) Zurich (North America)
Zurich American Life Insurance Company (USA) Zurich Argentina Compañía de Seguros S.A. (Argentina)
Zurich Insurance (Canada) Zurich Insurance Company Ltd  (United Arab Emirates)
Zurich Insurance Group UAE (United Arab Emirates) Zurich Insurance Middle East S.A.L (Middle East)
Zurich International Life Limited Sucursal Argentina (Argentina) Zurich International Life Ltd  (United Arab Emirates)
Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd  (United Arab Emirates) Zwitserleven (Netherlands)
Absa Bank Limited (Absa Bank) (Africa) Absa Capital Representative Office Nigeria Limited (Africa)
Absa Group Limited (Africa) Absa Rewards Company Proprietary Limited (Africa)
Absa Technology Finance Solutions Proprietary Limited (Africa) Absa Vehicle Management Proprietary Limited (Africa)
AIG Federal Savings Bank (USA) AMP Bank (Australia)
ASN Bank (Netherlands) ASN Groenbank (Netherlands)
Associated Banc-Corp (USA) Associated Bank (USA)
Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand) Bank of Queensland (Australia)
Bank SBI Ltd (Indonesia) Bank West (Australia)
Barclays Africa Group (Africa) BB&T Commercial Finance (USA)
BB&T Corporation (USA) BB&T Equipment Finance Corporation (USA)
BB&T Securities, LLC. (USA) BLG Wonen (Netherlands)
BNZ International Funding Limited (New Zealand) BOQ Finance (Australia)
CAFO (Canada) Caisses Populaires Acadiennes (Canada)
Caisses Populaires du Manitoba (Canada) Caisses Populaires du Quebec (Canada)
C-Edge (India) Clydesdale Bank PLC (Scotland)
Commonwealth Bank Group Commonwealth Bank Indonesia
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Desjardins Bank (USA)
eRafi SA Financial (Africa) eRafi SA Industrial (Africa)
Erste Bank (Austria) First National Bank (Africa)
FirstRand Bank (Africa) Gjensidige Bank (Norway)
Gjensidige Bank Boligkredit (Norway) Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC. (USA)
Great Western Bancorporation Inc (USA) Handelsbanken (Global)
Handelsbanken Capital Markets (Global) Handelsbanken International (Global)
INMB Bank Ltd (Lagos) J Wesley Bank Limited (UK)
La Capitale (Canada) Manulife Bank (Canada)
MetLife Bank (USA) NAB Group (Australia)
NatBank (USA) National Americas Holdings LLC (USA)
National Australia Bank Limited (Australia) National Australia Finance (Asia) Limited (Hong Kong)
National Australia Financial Management Limited (Australia) National Australia Group (NZ) Limited (New Zealand)
National Australia Group Europe Limited (UK) National Australia Group Services Limited (Australia)
National Australia Merchant Bank (S) Ltd (Singapore) National Australia Trustees Limited (Australia)
National Bank Financial (Canada) National Bank of Canada (Canada)
National Bank Trust (Canada) National HK Investments Limited (Hong Kong)
National Wealth Management Holdings Limited (Australia) Nationwide Bank (USA)
NewFunds MAPPS Protect (Africa) NewFunds Proprietary Limited (Africa)
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S Nordea Bank Finland Plc (Europe)
Nordea Bank Norge ASA (Norway) Nordea Bank Polska S.A. (Poland)
Nordea Bank S.A. (Northern Europe) Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg
Nordea Eiendomskreditt AS (Europe) Nordea Ejendomsinvestering A/S (Northern Europe)
Nordea Finans Danmark A/S Nordea Finans Norge AS (Norway)
Nordea Finans Sverige AB (publ) (Northern Europe) Nordea Fondene Norge AS (Norway)
Nordea Fonder AB (Northern Europe) Nordea Funds Ab (Northern Europe)
Nordea Funds Ltd (Northern Europe) Nordea Hypotek AB (publ) (Northern Europe)
Nordea Investment Funds Company I SA (Northern Europe) Nordea Investment Management AB (Northern Europe)
Nordea IT Polska S.p. z.o.o (Poland) Nordea Kredit Realkreditaktieselskab
OJSC Nordea Bank (Northern Europe) OOO Promyshlennaya Companiya Vestcon (Northen Europe)
Post Bank of Iran (Iran) Prime Rate Premium Finance (USA)
Principal Bank (USA) Privatmegleren AS (Europe)
RegioBank (Netherlands) Regional Acceptance Corporation (USA)
RMB (Africa) SBI Capital Markets Limited (India)
SBI Card and Payments Systems Limited (India) SBI DFHI Ltd. (India)
SBI Global Factors Limited (India) SBI International (Mauritius) Ltd. (Mauritius)
SBICI Bank Ltd (India) SNS Bank (Netherlands)
SNS REAAL (Netherlands) SNS Property Finance (Netherlands)
Stadshipotek (Global) Standard Life Trust Company (Canada)
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (India) State Bank of Hyderabad (India)
State Bank of India (Canada) State Bank of India (India)
State Bank of India California (USA) State Bank of Mysore (India)
State Bank of Patalia (India) State Bank of Travancore (India)
Sterling Capital Management, LLC.( USA) Svenska Handelsbanken AB (Global)
Türkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi (Turkey) United Towers Proprietary Limited (Africa)
USAA Federal Savings Bank (USA) USAA Relocation Services Inc. (USA)
USAA Savings Bank (USA) Vakif Finans Factoring Hizmetleri A.S. (Turkey)
Vakif Finansal Kiralama A.S. (Turkey) Vakif Portföy Yönetimi A.S. (Turkey)
Vakif Yatirim Menkul Degerler A.S. (Turkey) VakifBank (Turkey)
VakifBank International AG (Austria) Wells Fargo Bank (Global)
WesBank (Africa) Wesleyan Bank (UK)
World Vakif UBB Ltd. (Turkey) Xact Fonder (Global)
Technology and Consulting Organizations
Dyne Technology Associates (South Africa) KPMG Canada (Canada)
PSG Inc. Sparx Systems (Global)
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