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Panorama 360
Insurance Frameworks
Pierre Gagné
Co-author of Panorama 360
Insurance Frameworks & Methodology
Wealth Management& Insurance
Business Architect
Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP)
Business Administration Diploma, 1985
Ryerson Polytechnical University
Toronto, Ontario
Business Systems Diploma (Hons), 1984
Ryerson Polytechnical University,
Toronto, Ontario
The Story

After his college studies in information technology, Pierre was offered a two-month summer job with an insurance company that became a 40-year passion.
He worked in all the departments firsthand and learned how this industry operates. Eventually, he was offered to relocate in IT. 

Years later, he was asked to represent an insurance company for the business architecture definition for the full financial industry. This experience became his inspiration to create a consulting company and to develop Panorama 360. 

Over the years, Panorama 360 has been enriched through completed projects with approximately a 100 different insurance companies in 10 different countries.

Since 2010, InsuranceFrameworks.com
is now the reference center for Panorama 360.
The Frameworks, Models & Methodologies

is the resource center for 
Panorama 360

The end results of using Panorama 360 are teams working with a common vocabulary and methodologies to deliver projects in less time, at a reduced cost and with a higher quality.

It is used by over 3,000 professionals in financial institutions, consulting organizations and technology providers from around the world.
Panorama 360 Purpose
To empower management and executive teams 
of business projects
to deliver higher quality standards and faster response
to competition and opportunities in the market.


Pierre Gagné

“I am the Co-Author of the PSG's Insurance Frameworks Panorama 360.  I devoted my career at building the most comprehensive frameworks. The end results is a blueprint of all the capabilities, processes and information. It means more control over quality, cost and speed of execution.¨

Kees Tuijnman, Enterprise Architect at Vivat Verzekeringen

"Panorama 360 has given us a jumpstart for capacity based planning,
the next level in our architecture modeling ambition and the management of the strategic changes and project portfolio."

Denis Gagné, Chair of OMG’s BPMN MIWG and CEO & CTO Trisotech
(No relationship with Pierre)

"Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management creates a common language
and information structure for organizations to capture and communicate their business process architecture.
This comprehensive framework acts as catalyst and accelerator for visualizing, innovating, transforming
and/or improving how things get done within an organization."

Constance Lemieux, C.Dir.,  President and Chief Operating Officer 
Property and Casualty Insurance Sector of 
La Capitale

“Panorama 360 is a reference framework that has been integrated at La Capitale General Insurance and its subsidiaries for over 8 years, both in our projects, architectural approaches and various analyses.

The richness found in Panorama 360 is based on the fact that the 500 documented business functions are focused on the insurance industry.
Now integrated into our business activities, the Panorama 360 insurance reference framework ensures greater velocity and more particularly in validating that all business areas and services in our companies are addressed, ... ensures consistency in our practices, offering a value proposition centered on business.”

Paul Dolbec, Retired Senior Director, Oracle Insurance Business Unit

"Panorama 360 represents a comprehensive and easy to use reference architecture model for the insurance and wealth management industry. From new product introduction to process re-engineering, these end-to-end models can be used to accelerate change often required to survive in a highly competitive environment."

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