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What Is This Book About?
Panorama 360 | Business Process Models (442 pages)
This book is an extensive and comprehensive reference when designing business processes, developing business requirements or transitioning to a new business model. It also includes a significant number of activities that are performed within the different processes. Using them will help design business processes and business requirements in a much more complete and efficient manner.

Forget the white page syndrome. This 4th version of Panorama 360 Business Process Models (442 pages) describes the following business process models:
  • Marketing Management
  • Product Management
  • ​Distribution Management
  • ​Client Management
  • ​Sales Management
  • ​New Sales
  • ​Up-selling and Cross-selling
  • ​Contract Administration
  • ​Contract Life Cycle Management
  • ​Benefits/Claims Management
  • ​Service Provider Management
This book also includes several questions that need to be answered when defining processes or business requirements. This book can equally be a great tool to train employees on the different processes found in the insurance and wealth management industry.
Here Is What It Will Do For You
  • When improving processes, you will ...greatly increase the communication in the organization; the targeted processes from the framework will serve as a benchmark for any improvements; the end-to-end perspective of the processes from the framework will provide a global view; save time to compare the existing processes and the targets; rapidly identify the integration points in the organization; facilitate mapping the of the bottlenecks in the organization structure.
  • When assessing capabilities, you will ...readily see the maturity of the processes in the organization; be able to map against business strategies and see where improvements need to take place; use the processes as a vehicle to communicate at the executive levels.
  • Defining business requirements, you will ... be able to have a common vocabulary for the participating members; speed up the process to define comprehensive business requirements; ensure that the completeness of requirements; ensure that all external stakeholders involved in the process are properly identified.
  • When assessing the opportunity of acquiring and implement new software or version of a software you will ... much faster define the business scope for that opportunity; quickly identify the interfaces to consider and produce its description; rapidly document the functions needed for the project team and vendors; produce a common reference and traceability matrix for the manual and automated functions.
  • When merging with another company or acquiring a business portfolio, this can be used to ... quickly define the scope of the merger; ensure that all capabilities of both organizations or portfolio are being considered; improve the comparison of the two organization functions, processes, structure and technology.
  • When managing compliance, it will provide (much faster and more thoroughly) ... end to end processes to address compliance and at the appropriate level of details; provide a map to highlight risks within the organization and the most critical activities.
  • When learning about the insurance and wealth management industry, whether you are a student, an applicant for a position, a new employee or a consultant new to the industry, you will ... get a throrough understanding of the enterprise wide Value Chain plus what are the core business processes and how they work for all lines of business. You will learn about business capabilities, business functions, information elements, core business processes, stakeholders and key performance indicators.
You will be able to download it if needed.
Defining Business Requirements
Using Panorama 360, you will be able to ask all the right questions to gather the appropriate business requirements
for each process.
In this 2 minutes and a half video, I'd like to show you how the business process models in Panorama 360 can be used to define business requirements.

Compliance Management
To manage your compliance obligations, Panorama 360 offers you various perspectives that can be used to do it.

Among them, you can use processes, activities, metrics as well as stakeholders. They are all provided within
Panorama 360.
In this 2 minutes and a half video, I would like to show you how you can use the business process models within Panorama 360 to manage your compliance obligations within your insurance and wealth management organization.
We haven't seen any reduction of compliance requirements over the years. In fact, we've seen new compliance requirements being added and that is for all companies worldwide. So it is an area that needs to be managed carefully and requires at this point in time a lot of resources within your organizations.
Business Process Improvements
Using Panorama 360 will help you
improve your business processes in a much more complete and efficient manner.
In this 3 minutes video, Panorama 360 shows you various approaches to performing your process improvements. Within Panorama 360, we have business integration maps, showing you all the integration points that exists between the different capabilities, including the ownership of data We also describe all the core processes in the industry plus the activities found in those processes, including metrics and stakeholders that are important to those processes. All of these perspectives can contribute to improving your processes.
Ready to start using Panorama 360
Business Process Models?
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