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Panorama 360
Insurance Frameworks 
 Project Delivery Maturity Assessment Methodology 
Methodology using 9 perspectives and 120 factors to assess your strengths and areas of improvement for your organization to deliver large projects and harvest the benefits.
  • 1 Hour of Pre-Recorded Online Videos. Structured learning with short videos to let your learn at your rhythm.
Project Delivery Maturity Assessment Methodology
Pre-Recorded Online Videos.
Membership Access Per Participant
  • Including
  • Personal Free Membership Area
  • Free Digital Copy of Project Delivery Maturity Assessment Methodology book. Write to Pierre.Gagne@InsuranceFrameworks.com to get your book.
If you have a particular situation you would like to discuss, 
send me an email or call me, Pierre Gagné,  1 (418) 928-1271  .
I will gladly work on a solution for you. 
Property and Casualty Insurance 101 Course
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