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Panorama 360 | Merger and Acquisition Methodology (55 pages)
The financial services industry is consolidating constantly. Each year,several companies enter into merger and acquisition agreements in order to grow and gain infrastructure efficiencies and to acquire new clients. 
Depending on the vision, the business objectives and the nature of the agreement between the two companies, a number of areas within the acquired organization need to be adjusted in order to integrate it with the acquiring organization. To achieve a successful merger and acquisition project, it is important to thoroughly scope the project, identifying all the activities that need to happen. 
All done for you, questionnaires to scope mergers plus the methodology for management and project teams. This is based on the Panorama 360 Enterprise Business Architecture Framework.

Here Is What It Will Do For You
  • When merging with another company or acquiring a business portfolio, this can be used to ... quickly define the scope of the merger; ensure that all capabilities of both organizations or the portfolio are being considered; improve the comparison of the two organization functions, processes, structure and technology; produce the project plan to merge the two organizations. This approach can also be used when acquiring business portfolios from another company or to scope any project that will require management of change.
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Management of Change
When you do a large project, you will affect capabilities and you will change functions.  
This methodology can be the basis  
to ask the right questions:   
What change will be impacted? What will it take to make the change happen in the organization?

In this 2 minutes and a half video, we will show you how you can scope your change projects. In this Merger and Acquisition Methodology, we use the Major Capability map to ask the right questions about what will change in the organization through each project?  
What are the questions that need to be asked in order to identify what will be changing? You will find 300 change questions in this methodology. 
Managing Merger and Acquisition Projects
To better succeed in  
your merger and acquisition projects or when  
you buy a portfolio from another organization.

IIn this 3 minutes video, we show you examples of questions provided in the Panorama 360 Merger and Acquisition Methodology. Using those questions, you will scope what will be included and excluded from the merger project. 
You have to align people, processes and technology during those projects. We also discuss other parts of Panorama 360 that you may need to succeed in your merger projects. 
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Merger and Acquisition Methodology?
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