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Panorama 360 | Target Market & Product Development Methodology (82 pages)
The process of Target Market / Value Offering development is complex. It requires careful planning and fully dedicated teamwork. This methodology identifies and organizes the work which needs to be carried out to define target markets and value offerings into well-defined deliverables which evolve in manageable stages to achieve corporate missions.

Building target markets and value offerings is incremental and evolutionary in nature, with ideas moving from a high level understanding to specific courses of action and then being refined and tuned based on actual experience. This methodology addresses all facets when defining target markets and value offerings.

It must be emphasized, that while insurance value offerings share common elements, each is unique, with its own set of special needs to fulfill. For this reason, we have intentionally made the framework flexible.

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Developing Financial Products
The methodology has the full product development value chain,it covers all the different aspects external and internal analysis. 
In this 2 minutes video,  you'll see an example of it can help your organization better develop financial products and services.

In this 2 minutes video, you'll see an example of how this helps organizations better develop financial products and services.  
The methodology has 12 deliverables and those 12 deliverables are the essence of what needs to be addressed during a product development or product enhancement project. Those deliverables are also aligned with the five stages of the target market and value offering evolution and shows the evolution of those deliverables as it moves through those five stages.  
Charts to help visualize the advancement and the progress of those deliverables are also included.
Managing Product Development Projects
To better succeed in your merger and acquisition projects or when you buy a portfolio from another organization.

In this video 3 minutes video, we show you how the Target Market and Product Development Methodology in Panorama 360 can be used to guide projects managers at scoping and managing introduction of new products or enhancement of existing ones. This methodology outlines the projects management deliverables relating to those projects. 
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Target Market & Product Development Methodology?
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